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For Home Users

Personal computer is often fixed or set or modified by family members, friends and etc. Access to PC have a lot of people – even children. This can cause a lot of serious problems – you get a huge mess in computers' hard drive, a lot of new software is constantly installed and reinstalled, even some viruses from the internet can attack your computer. If you do not clean your computer in time it can lead to a serious problems. Sometimes even original operating system is changed to the pirate version. Nobody even don't have clue how to run a computer safely. These are main reasons why computers at home last almost two time shorter than the ones at offices.

A good IT specialist is needed in every family – like family doctor. The same goes to computer buying – do it with an experienced person by your side. Technician has to install your computer properly, explain how to use it safely and clean your computer regularly. If computer is connected to a computers network, then he must minimize the possibility that computer can catch a virus and if it happens so, he must restore everything as it was before. To reach all these goals there are a lot of ways how to do that – for example, install a good anti-virus software. But such anti-virus software is not the most important thing to ensure computer safety. The most important thing to do is to keep safe all users files (like photos, documents and so on) after the computer turns bad. That's why computer has to be repaired only by the qualified expert. There are some parts inside the computer which can be destroyed beyond retrieve with only touching them. If computer is being repaired by the home user this most of the time leads to much more expensive repair.

To make sure that your computer runs as it should run, all files be save all the time and time spent by the screen of your computer always would be save, you need to listen up that experts are saying – make preventive cleaning of your computer and its cooling system at least once a year. Computer repair is an expensive pleasure which can be avoided by serving your PC the right way.