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Windows MUI pack and Windows installation

Computing support service “Computer Network Service” is offering a lot of different services to residents of Vilnius, which includes Windows OS reinstall and display language changes. If you bought your computer not in your country, you may need to change its' language to your native language.

It is not possible to do it all the time — sometimes to change Windows' language, you need to reinstall them with other license, because some licenses are not capable with certain language. If you have bought a Mac, but you haven't got used to work with Mac OS, we can in addition install Windows OS. In that case while computer boots you will be able to choose which OS you want to use — Windows or Mac OS. Windows' language can be changed to other language if they are installed into a Mac computer too.

If you have several computers at home you can connect them to one network. This will allow you to use the Internet from every computer. You can also connect a printer to that network, exchange files between computers connected to a network or play some video games. This kind of network is very similar to the one in business but has some specific features. There are special hardware for a home local computer network. If you want to connect only two computers, you don't need it. Also you don't need to reinstall your Windows if you want to make a local area network.

There are a lot of interesting software for home computers. Most of them are free and some of those languages can be changed to different. There are a possibility to install software which will help your family to plan its budget, teach your kids or watch movies and listen to music. Not all the software gets along well with each other. That means that everything must be synchronized. Windows OS and other software must be reinstalled only by a qualified technician. Your lost time because of slow working computer or badly installed software costs more than a consultation of an experienced expert.